South African Renze Family Genealogy

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Welcome to the South African RENZE Family Genealogy Website

My name is Walter RENZE. I was born, raised and live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 


I created this site to place some details of the RENZE Family into the public domain.

It's intent is also to bring awareness to the Family as well as any interested parties of the diverse history related to our family.


We have many links to other families within South Africa and through the information that will be loaded on here, I hope to make that clear.


Have a look at the "Blog" section for my journey into Genealogy. I will also place my research into the family in that section. No dates of birth or death will be divulged here. This will not be divulged to any 3rd party either.


Please let me know if there is any inconsistencies in my research that you are aware of. Contact me via the website contact page.


This is not an exhaustive research publication by any means as there are quite a few areas that still need to be researched.